Graduate Regular Program Applications for MSc in Computational Science.

Addis Ababa University would like to invite applicants for the academic year of 2017/18 for the second semester with MSc in Computational Science from January 29- February 2, 2018. (Regular Program).

Online application is mandatory using and the applicants must send their official transcripts to AAU Registrar Office, P.O. Box 1176.

With Regards,

AAU registarar


1. to fill application form
2. 150 admission fee coupon(from AAU finance)
3. Degree and Transcript
4. The entrance exam, The English Language Proficiency and Quantitative Research tests are centrally organized by the university.

Application Date: From May 29, 2018 To May 30, 2018

Application Place: AAU Admission office 203

List of Availablle Graduate Programs
College :

1 . Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering) Regular
2 . Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Engineering Regular
3 . Master of Engineering in Chemical Engineering (Food Engineering) Regular
4 . Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Road and Transport Engineering) Regular
1 . Master of Science in Development Economics Regular
1 . Certificate of Speciality in Internal Medicine Regular
2 . Certificate of Specialty in Psychiatry Regular
3 . Certificate of Specialty in Radiology Regular
4 . Certificate of Sub-specialty in Adult Cardiology Regular
5 . Certificate of Sub-specialty in Clinical Hematology Regular
6 . Certificate of Sub-Specialty in Endocrine and Metabolism Regular
7 . Certificate of Sub-Specialty in Infectious Disease Regular
8 . Certificate of Sub-Specialty in Pulmonary and Critical Care Regular
9 . Doctor of Philosophy in Anatomy Regular
10 . Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Pharmacology Regular
11 . Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Biochemistry Regular
12 . Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Microbiology Regular
13 . Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Physiology Regular
14 . Doctor of Philosophy in Mental Health Epidemiology Regular
15 . Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Regular
16 . Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutics Regular
17 . Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacology Regular
18 . Doctor of Philosophy in Public health Regular
19 . Doctor of Philosophy in Social and Administrative Pharmacy Regular
20 . Master in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Nursing Regular
21 . Master in Health Sciences Education Regular
22 . Master of Hospital and Health Care Administriation Regular
23 . Master of Pharmacy in Pharmacognosy Regular
24 . Master of Pharmacy Practice Regular
25 . Master of Public health (With specialty in Reprodctive and Family Health) Regular
26 . Master of Public health (General) Regular
27 . Master of Public Health (With Speciality in Health Promotion and Health Education) Regular
28 . Master of Public Health (With Speciality in Health System Management) Regular
29 . Master of Public Health (With Specialty in Environmental and Occupational Health) Regular
30 . Master of Public Health (With Specialty in Epidemiology and Biostatistics) Regular
31 . Master of Public Health (With Specialty in Public Health Nutrition) Regular
32 . Master of Public Health in Field Epidemiology Regular
33 . Master of Public Health in Health Economics Regular
34 . Master of Science in Adult Health Nursing Regular
35 . Master of Science in Anatomy Regular
36 . Master of Science in Child Health Nursing Regular
37 . Master of Science in Clinical Oncology Nursing Regular
38 . Master of Science in Clinical Psychology Regular
39 . Master of Science in Health Supply Chain Management Regular
40 . Master of Science in Histotechnology Regular
41 . Master of Science in Maternity and Reproductive Health Nursing Regular
42 . Master of Science in Medical Biochemistry Regular
43 . Master of Science in Medical Microbiology Regular
44 . Master of Science in Medical Parasitology Regular
45 . Master of Science in Medical Physiology Regular
46 . Master of Science in Medicinal Chemistry Regular
47 . Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance Regular
48 . Master of Science in Pharmaceutics Regular
49 . Master of Science in Pharmacology Regular
50 . Master of Science in Pharmacology (Clinical) ( Regular
51 . Master of Science in Pharmco-Epidemiology and Social Pharmacy Regular
52 . Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs (Food Regulation) Regular
53 . Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs (Medicine Regulation) Regular
54 . Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist/ Surgeon Regular
55 . Specialist in Family Medicine Regular
56 . Specialist in Pediatric Surgery Regular
57 . Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Regular
58 . Specialist in Urology Regular
59 . Specialist Neurosurgery Regular
60 . Speciality Certificate in Clinical Oncology Regular
61 . Speciality Certificate in Dermato-Venerology Regular
62 . Speciality Certificate in Ophthalmology Regular
63 . Specialty Certificate in Anesthesiology Regular
64 . Specialty Certificate in Clinical Nuclear Medicine Regular
65 . Specialty Certificate in General Surgery Regular
66 . Specialty Certificate in Neurology Regular
67 . Specialty Certificate in Obstetrics and Gynecology Regular
68 . Specialty Certificate in Orthopedic Surgery Regular
69 . Specialty Certificate in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Regular
70 . Specialty Certificate In Pediatric Cardiology Regular
71 . Specialty Diploma in Pathology Regular
72 . Sub Specialty Certificate in Adult Clinical Neurology Regular
73 . Sub-Specialist in Cardiothoracic Surgery Regular
74 . Sub-specialist in nephrology Regular
75 . Sub-Specialist in Neurosurgery Regular
76 . Sub-Specialist in Pediatric Surgery Regular
77 . Sub-Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Regular
78 . Sub-Specialist in Urology Regular
79 . Sub-Specialty Certificate in Body Imaging Regular
80 . Sub-Specialty Certificate in Cardiothoracic Imaging Regular
81 . Sub-Specialty Certificate In Cardio-Thoracic Surge Regular
82 . Subspecialty certificate in Clinical pediatric Hematology /oncology Regular
83 . Sub-Specialty Certificate in Gynecology Oncology Regular
84 . Sub-Specialty Certificate in Musculoskeletal Radiology Regular
85 . Sub-Specialty Certificate in Neonatology Regular
86 . Sub-Specialty Certificate in Neuroradiology Regular
87 . Sub-Specialty Certificate in Pediatirc Emergency Medicine Regular
88 . Sub-Specialty Certificate in Pediatric Cardiology Regular
89 . Sub-Specialty Certificate in Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Regular
90 . Sub-Specialty Certificate in Pediatric Infectious Disease Regular
91 . Sub-Specialty Certificate in Pediatric Neurology Regular
92 . Sub-Specialty Certificate In Urology Regular
93 . Sub-Specialty Certificate of Pediatric Radiology Regular
94 . Sub-Specialty Diploma in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Regular
95 . Sub-Specialty Diploma in Urogynecology and Pelvic Floor Reconstructive Surgery Regular
96 . Sub-Specialty Diploma on Maternal Fetal Medicine Regular
1 . Doctor of Philosophy in Human Rights Regular
2 . Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Business Law Regular
1 . Master of Science in Computational Science (in Computational Mechanics and Dynamics) Regular
2 . Master of Science in Food Science and Nutrition Regular

REMEMBER: Your Application Will Not Be Processed Untill All Required Documents Are Submitted And Verified By The Registrar Office!

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